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Tough Economic Times Make States Reconsider Their Renewable Energy Policies
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday March 29 2012
Renewable portfolio standards (RPS) have been a big driver of getting more renewable energy onto the electric grid. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has estimated [read more]
Transmission Line Set To Help California Achieve Its Wind Power Potential
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday March 15 2012
California's aggressive renewable portfolio standard requires utilities to obtain 33% of their energy from renewable resources by 2020. Although the state has great renewable energy [read more]
Wind Power Gets Boost From MISO Ruling
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday December 08 2011
Transmission projects - and renewable energy - in the Midwest got a big boost from the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator's (MISO) board of directors [read more]
Feds Aim To Streamline Renewable Energy Transmission Permitting
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday October 06 2011
Citing the need for grid modernization resulting in job creation, the Obama administration announced Wednesday that several transmission projects will be part of a pilot [read more]
Xcel Continues To Pursue Plans To Purchase Wind From Colorado Project
by Angela Beniwal on Tuesday August 23 2011
Xcel Energy says it still wants to purchase wind power that would have been sold to the City of Boulder under a proposed deal. [read more]
Xcel Says Boulder Is Missing Out On A Green Opportunity
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday July 28 2011
Xcel Energy believes the City of Boulder has missed out on a huge opportunity by denying its citizens a chance to vote on a [read more]
Utility-Scale Renewable Projects In Oregon Hit Hard By BETC Overhaul
by Angela Beniwal on Tuesday June 28 2011
Legislators in Oregon voted to drastically revamp the state's Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC), a program that has helped spur the state's thriving renewable [read more]
CapX2020's Brookings Transmission Line Receives Facility Permit From PUC
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday June 16 2011
A key segment of the CapX2020 transmission project has been granted a facility permit by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The Brookings [read more]
How Google Has Emerged As A Beacon For Corporate Renewable Stewardship
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday May 26 2011
Google's recent investment in various clean energies often solicits questions as to why an Internet search-engine company would invest in the renewable energy sector, according [read more]
The Message Is Clear: '2013 Needs An Answer'
by Angela Beniwal on Tuesday May 24 2011
A group of wind industry leaders gathered at the WINDPOWER 2011 conference Tuesday morning to discuss the current state of wind development in the U.S. [read more]
Congressman Encourages Long-Term Wind Policy
by Angela Beniwal on Monday May 23 2011
During the opening session of the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) WINDPOWER 2011 conference on Monday morning, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., spoke about the need [read more]
Offshore Wind Proposals Move Along In Texas
by Angela Beniwal on Friday May 20 2011
While the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes regions receive much of the attention for building offshore wind farms, a few developments in Texas are [read more]
BPA Decision Could Lead To Wind Power Curtailment In Northwest
by Angela Beniwal on Tuesday May 17 2011
A decision issued by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) late last week could result in the curtailment of wind power but only as [read more]
Minnesota's Goodhue Wind Project Moves Forward In Siting Process
by Angela Beniwal on Tuesday May 03 2011
National Wind can move toward gaining final permitting for its Goodhue wind project now that the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) has issued [read more]
Proposed Renewable Energy Bill Would Replace Proposition C In Missouri
by Angela Beniwal on Tuesday April 19 2011
Missouri's House Committee on Renewable Energy, which was created specifically to hash out the details of Proposition C - a ballot initiative that established [read more]
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