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New Hampshire's Legislature In Favor Of Renewable Energy Act
on Friday April 27 2007 by NAW Staff
The New Hampshire Senate recently voted in favor (24-0) of the Renewable Energy Act, a bill aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy in [read more]
NB's Energy Minister Requests Utility To Purchase 300 MW Of Wind Energy
on Friday April 27 2007 by NAW Staff
Jack Keir, New Brunswick's energy minister, has requested that New Brunswick Power (NB Power) accelerate its mandate of purchasing 10% of its energy from renewable [read more]
Colorado's House Approves Bill To Create Renewable Energy Task Force
on Thursday April 26 2007 by NAW Staff
Colorado's House of Representatives recently voted in favor (63-1) of Senate Bill 91, which would create a 15-member task force charged with identifying areas within [read more]
New Mexico's Governor Signs Clean Energy Bills
on Tuesday April 24 2007 by NAW Staff
Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., recently enacted several bills to promote the investment in renewable energy and reduce the state's dependence on foreign oil."These bills will [read more]
Maryland Legislature Votes In Favor Of S.B.566
on Tuesday April 17 2007 by Shelley Paventy
The Maryland Senate recently voted in favor (40-6) of the House of Representatives' changes to Senate Bill (S.B.) 566, which would allow a developer to [read more]
Maine's Governor Joins Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
on Friday April 13 2007 by NAW Staff
Gov. John E. Baldacci, D-Maine, has joined nine other northeastern states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). RGGI is a coalition of governors that [read more]
Oregon Senators Vote In Favor Of RPS
on Thursday April 12 2007 by NAW Staff
Oregon senators voted in favor of Senate Bill (S.B.) 838 in a 20-10 vote. According to the Oregon legislation, S.B.838 would require utilities to generate [read more]
Wisconsin's Governor Implements Energy Independence Plan
on Wednesday April 11 2007 by NAW Staff
Gov. Jim Doyle, D-Wis., has completed the next steps in achieving Wisconsin's energy independence goal under his Declaration of Energy Independence plan. Through the initiative, [read more]
N.H. House Votes In Favor Of State RPS
on Tuesday April 10 2007 by NAW Staff
The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted in favor of House Bill (H.B.) 873 in a 253-37 vote to set a renewable portfolio standard.The bill [read more]
Sen. Hutchison Introduces Renewable Energy Legislation
on Thursday March 29 2007 by NAW Staff
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, chair of the Republican Policy Committee, has introduced the Creating Renewable Energy through Science and Technology (CREST) Act to spur [read more]
Gov. Ritter Signs Two Bills To Encourage Renewable Energy
on Wednesday March 28 2007 by NAW Staff
In addition to signing House Bill 1281 on March 27 - doubling Colorado's existing renewable portfolio standard - Gov. Bill Ritter, D-Colo., signed Senate Bill [read more]
Idaho Governor Signs Two Bills That Encourage Wind Power
on Thursday March 22 2007 by NAW Staff
Gov. C. L. Otter, R-Idaho, recently signed two bills into law to encourage the development of wind energy in Idaho.The first, House Bill 130, clears [read more]
Colorado's Senate In Favor Of Increasing Renewable Energy Standard
on Tuesday March 20 2007 by NAW Staff
On the second reading, the Colorado State Senate voted in favor of HB07-1281, a bill that increases the state's renewable energy standard to 20% by [read more]
Vermont House Bill Proposes Renewables Goal Of 25% By 2025
on Friday March 16 2007 by NAW Staff
The Vermont state legislature committee on Natural Resources and Energy introduced a bill to the House on March 15 relating to the conservation of energy [read more]
New Hampshire Governor Requests Support For State RPS
on Tuesday March 13 2007 by NAW Staff
Gov. John Lynch, D-N.H., has urged the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee to support the creation of a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) as a [read more]
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