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Nebraska One Step Closer To Getting State PTC
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 23 2015
The Nebraska legislature amended and advanced L.B.423, the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) for Nebraska. L.B.423, introduced by Rep. Jeremy Nordquist, D-Omaha, requires wind [read more]
CanWEA: Wind Is The Responsible Choice For Alberta
by Tim Weis on Tuesday April 21 2015
Editor's note: The following is reprinted with permission from the Canadian Wind Energy Association's (CanWEA) wind power blog. There has been a lot of talk [read more]
Texas RPS Moves One Step Closer To Extinction
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 16 2015
The Texas Senate voted in favor of S.B.931, which would repeal Texas' renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and undo its Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZs) transmission [read more]
Update: Legislation Wiping Out Ad Valorem Exemption Sails Through Oklahoma House Of Representatives
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 16 2015
As expected, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted 85-3 in favor of S.B.498, legislation that would eliminate the state's current property tax exemption for wind [read more]
Vestas Urges Australian Parliament To Support Clean Energy Council's Compromise
by NAW Staff on Friday April 10 2015
Australia is now one step away from a return to bipartisan renewable energy policy. After more than a year of uncertainty, the Australian government can [read more]
Legislative Update: Industry Concession Keeps Oklahoma's Zero-Emission Tax Credit Intact
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 09 2015
The Oklahoma House of Representatives' Appropriations & Budget Committee's approval of S.B.498 may allow the wind industry and legislative leaders to alleviate a portion of [read more]
U.S. Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For Solar And Wind Tax Incentives
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 08 2015
A national poll of U.S. homeowners commissioned by Clean Edge Inc. and SolarCity says that 74% of those surveyed favor continuing federal tax incentives that [read more]
Nebraska's Tax Credit Legislation Advanced From Committee
by NAW Staff on Tuesday April 07 2015
By a 6-2 vote, the Revenue Committee of the Nebraska legislature advanced legislation that would create a production tax credit (PTC) and an investment tax [read more]
The Triple Threat To Kansas Wind: How Legislation May Wipe Out Current And Future Development
by Alan Claus Anderson & Britton Gibson on Thursday March 26 2015
Despite wind energy's strong record of success in Kansas, a faction of state legislators have continued to introduce a series of bills designed to roll [read more]
IRS Unveils Favorable PTC Guidance On 'Start Of Construction'
by David Burton on Thursday March 12 2015
On Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published Notice 2015-25, which provides guidance the wind power industry has been waiting for since the extension of [read more]
Pennsylvania House Bill Could Expand Wind Energy
by NAW Staff on Thursday March 05 2015
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed H.B.188, legislation that promotes the expanded use of wind power. The bill may now be considered by [read more]
H.B.1554 Sails Through Oklahoma State House; Full Senate To Decide
by NAW Staff on Wednesday March 04 2015
Oklahoma's House of Representatives unanimously voted to approve legislation that would limit tax incentives to wind developers. On March 2, the House voted 89-0 in [read more]
Exelon Backs Carbon Fee Option For EPA's Clean Power Plan
by NAW Staff on Monday February 23 2015
Testifying before the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at a technical conference to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed Clean Power Plan, Kathleen Barron, [read more]
States Need Collaboration, Cohesive Policy To Catalyze U.S. Offshore Wind
by NAW Staff on Tuesday February 17 2015
Northeastern states will need to jointly develop clear and coherent policies to jump-start offshore wind, according to a report by Clean Energy Group and Navigant [read more]
Having His Say: Wind Industry Working To 'Negotiate Consensus' On Oklahoma's H.B.1554
by NAW Staff on Friday February 13 2015
Oklahoma Rep. Earl Sears, R-District 11, recently introduced legislation that would reduce zero-emission tax credits. If passed, the legislation would hamper the progress made to [read more]
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