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Harvard Team Sets Sights On Cheap Energy Storage Of Wind And Solar Power
on Monday January 13 2014 by NA Windpower
The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) says a team of university scientists and engineers has demonstrated a new flow battery that could [read more]
New Ice Sensor Available For Turbine Nacelles And Met Towers
on Wednesday January 08 2014 by NA Windpower
Florida-based New Avionics Corp. has introduced the Ice*Meister Model 9734-SYSTEM, a new compact ice sensor for use on wind power turbine nacelles and meteorological towers. [read more]
Gamesa's G114-2.0 MW Prototype Begins Generating Power
on Tuesday January 07 2014 by NA Windpower
The prototype of Gamesa's new G114-2.0 MW turbine, recently installed in Navarre, Spain, has started to generate power. Gamesa says that with a rotor spanning [read more]
Blade Dynamics To Build 80-Meter Turbine Blade Prototype
on Tuesday December 17 2013 by NAW Staff
Blade Dynamics has announced that the design phase of its Very Long Blade Project for the U.K.-based Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), launched earlier this year, [read more]
Vestas Completes First Nacelle For 8 MW Offshore Wind Prototype
on Wednesday December 04 2013 by NAW Staff
The nacelle for Vestas' V164-8.0 MW prototype offshore wind turbine has been completed at Lindo Industrial Park in Denmark. The nacelle is 20 meters long, [read more]
Snap-on Industrial Unveils Pneumatic Torque Wrenches
on Wednesday December 04 2013 by NAW Staff
Snap-on Industrial has announced its new pneumatic torque wrenches, which the company says are designed for technicians working in fields such as power generation, construction [read more]
GL Awards ACCIONA Seven New Certificates For 3 MW Platform
on Tuesday November 26 2013 by NA Windpower
ACCIONA Windpower has received seven new certificates for different models of its AW 3000 wind turbine from GL Renewables Certification. ACCIONA says it now has [read more]
Nordex Unveils N131/3000 Light-Wind Turbine
on Monday November 25 2013 by NA Windpower
Nordex SE is extending its Generation Delta turbine platform, which the company launched this spring, with the addition of a turbine for light-wind locations. The [read more]
BASF Offering New Paint To Protect Turbine Blade Edges
on Thursday November 21 2013 by NA Windpower
BASF has unveiled its RELEST Wind LEP paint designed to help protect the edges of wind turbine rotor blades. The company claims tests show the [read more]
GL RC Certifies CG Transformer For Offshore Application
on Thursday November 21 2013 by NA Windpower
Transformer manufacturer CG has received certification from GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) for its liquid immersed SLIM distribution transformer. The hermetically sealed transformer is also [read more]
U.S. Energy Dept. Dedicates New Wind Turbine Test Facility
on Wednesday November 20 2013 by NA Windpower
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have dedicated a new 5 MW Dynamometer Test Facility at NREL's National [read more]
Researchers Developing Technology To Manage Power Flows, Integrate Renewables
on Wednesday November 20 2013 by NA Windpower
Consultants at The Brattle Group, working in conjunction with Boston University and other researchers on a project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced [read more]
Siemens' 6 MW Offshore Turbine One Step Closer To Final Certification
on Tuesday November 19 2013 by NA Windpower
GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) has awarded Siemens a "provisional type certificate" for the manufacturer's 6 MW offshore wind turbine. According to GL RC, the [read more]
REpower Introduces New 6.15 MW Offshore Wind Turbine
on Monday November 18 2013 by NA Windpower
REpower, part of the Suzlon Group, has announced a new offshore wind turbine. Dubbed the REpower 6.2M152, the turbine has a rated power capacity of [read more]
ECN Says Its Active Wake Control System Helps Boost Output
on Friday November 15 2013 by NA Windpower
The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) says its Active Wake Control system is capable of increasing the electricity production of wind farms by [read more]
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