December 2014 - Volume 11, Number 12

Spotlight: Colorado

Inside Colorado’s Wind Integration Success Story

Several state-based entities have found ways to increase levels of wind penetration while limiting curtailment.

Marketplace: Transportation & Logistics

How ‘Wind Turbine Logistics’ Became A Four-Letter Word

The ever-growing size of wind turbine components – as well as a paucity of experienced drivers to haul them – are causing challenges for developers and suppliers.

Project Profile: Spring Canyon Wind Energy Complex

Invenergy Nears Finish Line For Spring Canyon Complex

The developer is slated to complete the third phase of the 120 MW Colorado project by year’s end – further cementing its presence in the state.

Industry At Large: Wind Farm Operations

Renewable Energy Faces Daytime Curtailment In California

An oversupply of renewable energy and gas-fired generation is causing major headaches for the California Independent System Operator.

Industry At Large: U.S. Sector Trends

The U.S. Wind Industry: Where It’s Been And Where It’s Going

Just as it has over the past decade, American wind power should continue its ascent as a mainstream technology.

Industry At Large: Transmission

How To Boost Capacity From Existing Transmission

Technology advances could help wind farm owners and operators face fewer instances of curtailment.

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