July 2014 - Volume 11, Number 7

RPS Fulfillment

How Will The EPA’s Clean Power Plan Impact Wind?

The agency’s proposed rule limiting carbon emissions could spell a big opportunity for renewable resources.

Marketplace: Wire & Cable

Why Cable Matters In Wind Reliability, Revenue

Although cables may sometimes be an afterthought, they play a critical role in generation, transmission and distribution.

Marketplace: Wire & Cable

Dispelling Cable Myths: All Lines Are Not Created Equal

Despite an opinion shared by more than a few wind developers, all cables are not the same.

Spotlight: Texas

Should Lone Star Wind Owners Brace For Texas-Sized Trouble?

Despite a near-term boom in construction-related activity in Texas, wind developers in the state may be facing increased development and operating costs going forward.

Industry At Large: Federal Policy

Constitutional Challenges And RPS Programs: What To Expect

The recent defense of Colorado’s renewable portfolio standard could have major implications for other U.S. states.

Project Profile: Hale Community Energy Wind Farm

Everything In Texas Is Bigger - Even The Community Wind Farms

Texas wind developers have pooled their collective forces and are planning to build a 1.1 GW utility-scale community wind project.

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