January 2015 - Volume 11, Number 13

Federal Policy

Congress Hands U.S. Wind Industry ‘Worthless’ Bill

Legislators approved a bill retroactively extending the production tax credit – but passage may have been too little, too late.

Industry At Large: Turbine Technology

Meet The Wind Turbines That ‘Fight Above Their Weight Class’

Thanks to technology advances, so-called Class III wind turbines have become the wind industry’s new workhorse.

Spotlight: Oklahoma

Fossil-Fuel-Rich Oklahoma Digs Into Wind Energy

With its abundant wind resources and business-friendly climate, the oil and gas giant ranks among the leaders for wind generation and installed capacity.

Industry At Large: Environmental Policy

Will Recent Groundwater Law Impact California Development?

Motivated by severe drought conditions, the state passed legislation putting stringent requirements on energy projects that rely on water.

Marketplace: Tools

Tips For Tool-Based Maintenance And Calibration Programs

A proactive approach to preventive maintenance and calibration has been proven to increase productivity and safety while reducing overall expenses.

Project Profile: Origin Wind Farm

Enel Completes Origin, Quietly Builds Powerhouse

Enel Green Power’s North American subsidiary recently finished the 150 MW wind farm – its third operating wind project in the state.

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