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Setting The Record Straight: How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Really Kill?
by Paul Kerlinger on Thursday August 28 2014
With the recent federal prosecution of Duke Renewable Energy for killing 163 birds, including 14 golden eagles, there is renewed interest in just how many [read more]
Can Radar Really Predict Risk To Birds And Bats At Wind Projects?
by Paul Kerlinger on Thursday May 01 2014
Since the late 1990s, radar has been used to study the movement of birds and bats at more than 100 wind energy sites in the [read more]
Hypocrisy Over Bald Eagle Protection From Wind Turbines Begins At The Federal Level
by Paul Kerlinger on Thursday August 01 2013
Bald eagles came close to extinction in the 1950s and 1960s as a result of more than a century of illegal shooting and the introduction [read more]
Are The Feds Holding Wind Developers To A Double Standard?
by Paul Kerlinger on Thursday April 04 2013
For more than a decade, wind developers have been notified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) that their wind projects may kill birds [read more]
Research Reveals How Birds And Wind Turbines Can Safely Coexist
by Paul Kerlinger on Tuesday February 07 2012
A recent incident in which over 400 birds were killed at AES' Laurel Mountain wind farm in West Virginia cast wind turbines in a negative [read more]
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