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White House Orders Review Of DOE Loans, Faces Potential Subpoena
by Jessica Lillian on Wednesday November 02 2011
The Obama administration has ordered an independent review of the loans made under the Department of Energy's (DOE) loan-guarantee program. The review will focus on [read more]
Congressional Committee Could Target Renewable Energy Funding
by Jessica Lillian on Tuesday September 20 2011
A total of $1.2 trillion in spending cuts looms as the U.S. Congress' Joint Select Committee (JSC) begins work on trimming the U.S. budget. For [read more]
California Air Resources Board Delays Implementation Of Cap-And-Trade Program
by Jessica Lillian on Wednesday July 06 2011
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has announced that the implementation of the state's A.B.32 policy, which requires the state to cut its greenhouse [read more]
Renewable Energy Could Be On The Congressional Chopping Block
by Jessica Lillian on Thursday February 17 2011
President Obama's proposed fiscal-year 2012 budget reflects his administration's focus on promoting renewable energy, but these goals are at odds with those of [read more]
Can The Cash-Grant Program Be Saved?
by Jessica Lillian on Wednesday December 08 2010
As President Obama and members of Congress continue to negotiate a comprehensive tax package, the renewable energy industry is fighting to ensure that the final [read more]
Post-Election Political Shift Casts Doubts On Renewable Energy's Future
by Jessica Lillian on Friday November 05 2010
The positive political momentum enjoyed by the U.S. renewable energy industry is being replaced by pessimism and frustration, as the composition of the country's bodies [read more]
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