Is Wind Energy The New Wedge Issue For Conservatives?
on Thursday April 28 2011 by Jeff Siegel
Almost as soon as Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant went critical, Fox News reported that wind power had killed more Americans than nuclear energy. [read more]
Texas Legislature Mulls Wresting Tax Abatements From School Board
on Tuesday January 11 2011 by Jeff Siegel
Texas' legislative budget board wants the state's school districts to give up their power to grant property tax abatements in favor of a [read more]
Support From House Republicans Poses Added Challenges For Industry
on Tuesday November 30 2010 by Jeff Siegel
The incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives will almost certainly present obstacles toward the wind industry's agenda on Capitol Hill, including extension of [read more]
Senators Block Stimulus Package With PTC Extension
on Thursday February 07 2008 by Jeff Siegel
There was good news. Wind industry leaders saw a chance to get a production tax credit (PTC) extension through the U.S. Congress by adding it [read more]
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