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Oklahoma Enacts Law Authorizing Tariff On Residential Solar And Wind
by Michael Puttre on Wednesday April 23 2014
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has signed S.B.1456, which enables retail electricity providers to impose a tariff on customers who install grid-connected distributed generation (DG) systems, [read more]
House Passes Farm Bill With $880M In Renewables And Energy Efficiency Provisions
by Michael Puttre on Thursday January 30 2014
The Agricultural Act of 2014 - popularly known as the farm bill - passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, paving the way for [read more]
President Obama Sets 20% Renewables Target For U.S. Government
by Michael Puttre on Thursday December 05 2013
President Barack Obama has issued a presidential memorandum directing the U.S. federal government to pursue a goal of deriving 20% of its energy from renewable [read more]
California Ushers In 600 MW Shared Renewables Law
by Michael Puttre on Thursday October 10 2013
California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed shared renewable energy legislation that requires the state's large public utilities to develop an additional 600 MW of renewable [read more]
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