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WindSpect Offers Unmanned Solution For Blade Inspections
by NAW Staff on Monday May 18 2015
Strat Aero, an international aerospace services company, and AirFusion, a provider of airborne sensor data fusion software and analytics technology, have introduced WindSpect, a wind [read more]
Lufft Measurement Device Application Certified For Offshore Wind Use
by NAW Staff on Tuesday May 12 2015
International technical inspection agency TUV SUD has approved the Lufft ultrasonic anemometer VENTUS for use on offshore wind measurement campaigns. According to Lufft, the ultrasonic [read more]
Vaisala Rolls Out The Nomad 3 Data Management System
by NAW Staff on Tuesday May 12 2015
Vaisala has launched the Nomad 3 Data Logger, a portable data management device, to aid in efficient wind measurement campaigns. Early siting and ongoing investment [read more]
Vestas Increases Power Output Mode To 3.45 MW For The 3 MW Turbine Platform
by NAW Staff on Friday May 08 2015
Based on site-specific conditions, turbine maker Vestas says it will increase power output to 3.45 MW power for the 3 MW turbine class. Increasing the [read more]
Vaisala Launches Thunderstorm Manager
by NAW Staff on Monday May 04 2015
To better protect workers and customers' assets, atmospheric observation services provider Vaisala is rolling out Thunderstorm Manager, a Web application designed to track approaching storms [read more]
GE Aims To Improve Wind Farm Efficiency With New Design Optimization Service
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 30 2015
GE is rolling out a new service that aims to help developers and owners and operators to better optimize the collector system during wind farm [read more]
NOAA Enlists LIDAR Technology To Reduce Measurement Uncertainty
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 29 2015
Hinesburg, Vt.-based Renewable NRG Systems recently sold a pair of WINDCUBE 200S 3D Scanning Doppler LIDARs to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Renewable [read more]
Siemens Selects MolyCorp To Provide Rare Earth Materials
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 15 2015
Siemens AG has selected Molycorp to supply rare earth materials over the next 10 years from its Mountain Pass, Calif.-based facility for incorporation into Siemens' [read more]
Senvion Develops Low-Wind Turbine
by NAW Staff on Tuesday April 14 2015
Turbine manufacturer Senvion is jumping into the low-wind market with the introduction of the 3.2M122 this spring. The machine features the recently introduced Next Electrical [read more]
Senvion Launches Turbine In 3 MW Class To Enable Grid Feed-In
by NAW Staff on Monday April 13 2015
In response to growing grid challenges and requirements, turbine maker Senvion is launching a new turbine in its 3 MW turbine class. According to Senvion, [read more]
DHi Slip Rings Are Now UL-Certified
by NAW Staff on Monday April 06 2015
Manassas Park, Va.-based service provider Defense Holdings Inc. (DHi) says its control slip rings have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). According to the company, [read more]
Cornell University Obtains LIDARs To Study Effects Of Turbulence
by NAW Staff on Monday March 30 2015
Cornell University has acquired a pair of ZephIR 300 wind LIDARs to study the effects of turbulence on wind turbines. According to ZephIR, the Cornell [read more]
Ecofys, Ammonit Collaborate On Enhanced Wind Measurements
by NAW Staff on Tuesday March 17 2015
Ecofys Wind Turbine Testing Services says it has upgraded its 120-meter met mast with temperature gradient sensors. Working in collaboration with Germany-based Ammonit Measurements GmbH, [read more]
China Ming Yang Connects Two-Bladed Offshore Wind Turbine Prototype To Grid
by NAW Staff on Tuesday March 17 2015
China Ming Yang Wind Power Group says its 6.5 MW offshore wind prototype has been connected to the grid in China's Jiangsu province and is [read more]
Siemens Reveals 7 MW Offshore Wind Turbine
by NAW Staff on Wednesday March 11 2015
Siemens has unveiled the SWT-7.0-154 direct-drive offshore wind turbine, an upgrade to its SWT-6.0-154 model that delivers nearly 10% more energy production. The company says [read more]
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