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Analysis: Credit Crunch Hits Renewable Investment
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 16 2008
Investments in renewable energy have declined somewhat, according to figures compiled for the first quarter of the year by New Energy Finance, an energy investment [read more]
Report: Talent Shortage Threatens Growth Of Clean Energy Sector
by NAW Staff on Tuesday April 15 2008
The world's fast-growing clean energy industry is facing a shortage of workers, especially experienced business leaders, according to a joint study by clean energy investment [read more]
Missouri Town Set To Be 100-Percent Wind Powered
by NAW Staff on Tuesday April 15 2008
Officials of Rock Port, Mo., say the town is set to become the first in America capable of meeting 100% of its electricity demand from [read more]
CPUC Forms Institute For Climate Solutions
by NAW Staff on Monday April 14 2008
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has announced the creation of the California Institute for Climate Solutions (CICS). The group's mission includes developing practical technological [read more]
Study Highlights Impact Of Renewable Portfolio Standards
by NAW Staff on Monday April 14 2008
A growing number of states are supporting renewable electricity through the creation of renewable portfolio standards (RPSs), according to a report released by Lawrence Berkeley [read more]
ColumbiaGrid Forms OASIS, Releases System Assessment
by NAW Staff on Friday April 11 2008
Portland, Ore.-based nonprofit ColumbiaGrid, which supports efforts to improve and expand transmission in the Northwest, has signed an agreement with eight utilities to develop tools [read more]
MPC Feasibility Study Reports Preliminary Conclusions
by NAW Staff on Friday April 11 2008
Leaders of Maine Public Service Co. (MPS), a subsidiary of Maine & Maritimes Corp., and Central Maine Power Co. (CMP), a subsidiary of Energy East, [read more]
IPCC To Produce Renewable Energy Report
by NAW Staff on Friday April 11 2008
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has announced that it will produce a new environmental report, titled "Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and [read more]
Eight States Split AEP Settlement Funds
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 10 2008
Maryland and seven other states will divide $24 million to be used for energy efficiency and air pollution reduction projects as a result of a [read more]
Maryland Set To Double Current RPS
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 10 2008
The Maryland General Assembly recently passed a package of energy bills supported by Gov. Martin O'Malley, D-Md., that includes a provision to more than double [read more]
EER: Iberdrola Leads In Power Plant Ownership
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 09 2008
Spanish utility Iberdrola has taken the lead in wind power plant ownership, with 6.9 GW under net ownership, according to recently released global wind power [read more]
Study May Produce Full-Scale Wind Turbine At High School
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 09 2008
The Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Warren County, Ind., has installed a 200-foot meteorological tower to collect and log wind data during the next 12 [read more]
NYISO To Integrate Centralized Forecasts
by NAW Staff on Monday April 07 2008
The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) will incorporate a centralized wind forecasting system to better accommodate wind power in New York's bulk electricity grid. [read more]
New Renewable Energy Tool For Farmers
by NAW Staff on Friday April 04 2008
Canada has unveiled its integration of renewable energy on the farm (IREF) Web site, which is a complete repository of technical information and online tools [read more]
Stimulus Package Includes Funds For Renewable Energy
by NAW Staff on Friday April 04 2008
Gov. Ted Strickland, D-Ohio, Ohio Senate President Bill Harris and Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted have announced a $1.57 billion state-level jobs stimulus package. This [read more]
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