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WAPA, Utilities Planning Renewable Energy Transmission Project For Arizona
by NAW Staff on Friday September 16 2011
Participants in the Western Area Power Administration's (WAPA) transmission infrastructure program and a group of electricity providers in Arizona say they plan to build a [read more]
LI-NYC Offshore Wind Collaborative Files For Federal Offshore Wind Lease
by NAW Staff on Thursday September 15 2011
The Long Island-New York City Offshore Wind Collaborative - which includes Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, the Long Island Power Authority and the New [read more]
Major Renewable Energy Transmission Project Secures Development Funding
by NAW Staff on Thursday September 15 2011
The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and TransWest Express LLC have announced an agreement to fund the TransWest Express Transmission (TWE) Project's development phase. The [read more]
Austin Energy Signs Two Wind Power Mega-Deals, Negotiating Another
by NAW Staff on Thursday September 15 2011
The Austin City Council has approved two new wind contracts totaling 291 MW and has authorized Austin Energy to negotiate a third wind contract for [read more]
UPDATED: AMSC Charges Sinovel With IP Infringement In China
by Mark Del Franco on Thursday September 15 2011
Citing clear evidence of what it calls "stolen intellectual property," Devens, Mass.-based American Superconductor (AMSC) has filed criminal and civil suits in China against its [read more]
Rare-Earth Producer Sees Big Potential In Magnet-Powered Wind Turbine Generator Tech
by NAW Staff on Wednesday September 14 2011
Molycorp Inc., a major producer of rare-earth oxides, says it is making a significant investment in Boulder Wind Power, which has designed a rare-earth magnet-powered [read more]
New Renewable Energy Company Will Focus On Large Community-Owned Wind, Solar Projects In Maryland
by NAW Staff on Wednesday September 14 2011
The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) has announced the formation of a renewable energy development company, called Eastern Shore Energy LLC (EES). The new [read more]
Wind Turbines Haven't Hurt Property Values In Ontario, Study Finds
by NAW Staff on Wednesday September 14 2011
Contrary to some wind energy opponents' claims that wind turbines bring down property values, rising agricultural commodity values and tight inventory levels have contributed to [read more]
Reuters: Japan Planning Floating Wind Turbines For Fukushima Coast
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 13 2011
In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that has plagued Japan, the country is planning to add floating wind turbines to its northern coast, [read more]
AWS Truepower Report Reveals Where Wind Speeds Were Strongest In Q2
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 13 2011
AWS Truepower LLC, a provider of renewable energy consulting and information services, has released the latest installment of its Wind Trends Bulletin, a quarterly analytical [read more]
DATC Proposes Seven Transmission Projects To Spur Delivery Of Renewable Energy Across The Midwest
by NAW Staff on Monday September 12 2011
Duke-American Transmission Co. (DATC) has released a proposal for seven new transmission-line projects in five Midwestern states. According to DATC, these projects will enable increased [read more]
Offshore Wind Gets Big Support From DOE
by NAW Staff on Thursday September 08 2011
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Steven Chu has announced that the DOE is awarding $43 million over the next five years to speed technical [read more]
Cape Wind Opposition Groups To Argue Before Mass. Supreme Court
by NAW Staff on Thursday September 08 2011
Several groups will appear before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to make arguments against the Cape Wind offshore wind project. The Alliance to Protect Nantucket [read more]
Reuters: GE Considering Exit From Offshore Wind Project In Norway
by NAW Staff on Thursday September 08 2011
GE may abandon its plans to invest in a major offshore wind project in Norway, according to a Reuters report, which cited a Norwegian newspaper [read more]
WWEA: Global Wind Power Market Recovering After Tough 2010
by NAW Staff on Wednesday September 07 2011
The global wind energy market saw a sound revival in the first half of this year and regained momentum after a weak year in 2010, [read more]
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