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WPI Researchers Studying Feasibility Of Deepwater Wind Turbines With NSF Grant
on Thursday April 29 2010 by NAW Staff
With a three-year, $300,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), a research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is studying [read more]
Survey: Financial Advisers Embrace Renewable Energy Investments
on Thursday April 29 2010 by NAW Staff
Investments in renewable energy-based companies are becoming an accepted component of advice-driven investor portfolios, a new survey of financial advisers reveals. [read more]
Report: Electric-Drives Growth Propelled By Growing Wind Energy Industry
on Thursday April 29 2010 by NAW Staff
The growth in the wind industry has resulted in an increase in electric drives, according to "Global Outlook for Electric Drives [read more]
President Obama Visits Siemens' Wind Turbine Blade Plant
on Wednesday April 28 2010 by NAW Staff
President Obama visited Siemens' recently expanded 600,000 square-foot wind turbine blade facility in Fort Madison, Iowa. The president toured the plant [read more]
Design Flaw Causes Some European Offshore Wind Turbines To Slide
on Monday April 26 2010 by NAW Staff
Hundreds of European offshore wind turbines have a design flaw that is causing them to slide on their bases, Reuters reports. European turbine manufacturers and [read more]
Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Increased Use Of Wind Power
on Friday April 23 2010 by NAW Staff
Voters overwhelmingly support increasing the use of wind power in the U.S. and adopting a strong renewable electricity standard (RES), according [read more]
Cape Cod Recognized For Embracing Wind Power
on Friday April 23 2010 by NAW Staff
Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles recently recognized Cape Cod for being the region of the commonwealth that has [read more]
NaiKun Presses On, Despite Setback
on Wednesday April 21 2010 by NAW Staff
Despite being denied consideration for a contract in British Columbia's clean power call last month, NaiKun company officials say the proposed 396 MW offshore wind [read more]
Europe Eyes 50% By 2050 Goal
on Tuesday April 20 2010 by NAW Staff
Wind energy will meet 50% of the European Union's (EU) electricity demand by 2050, according to wind energy executives who spoke at the European Wind [read more]
X PRIZE Foundation Reveals Expanded Vision For Future
on Monday April 19 2010 by NAW Staff
The X PRIZE Foundation (XPF) is transforming its vision to address worldwide challenges in the areas of energy and the environment; [read more]
Finavera Renewables Adopts Tactical Shareholder Rights Plan
on Monday April 19 2010 by NAW Staff
Vancouver, British Columbia-based Finavera Renewables Inc.'s board of directors has adopted a tactical shareholder rights plan. The plan, which is effective [read more]
Owens Corning Announces Global Competition For Breakthrough Composite Applications
on Friday April 16 2010 by NAW Staff
Owens Corning, a producer of glass fiber reinforcements for composite systems, has launched a global competition to find new applications for [read more]
FloDesign To Expand Operations In Massachusetts
on Tuesday April 13 2010 by NAW Staff
Wilbraham, Mass.-based FloDesign Wind Turbine Corp., a developer of a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-recognized wind energy technology, will expand its [read more]
U.S., China Continue To Lead Global Expansion Of Wind Power
on Monday April 12 2010 by NAW Staff
Global wind energy markets - lead by the U.S. and China - are expected to continue their rapid growth, with the [read more]
AWEA Releases U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report
on Thursday April 08 2010 by NAW Staff
The U.S. wind energy industry is expanding as established industry leaders maintain their top position and manufacturing continues to grow, albeit [read more]
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