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UpWind To Offer ROMO Wind Measurement Tech In N.A.
by NAW Staff on Tuesday October 06 2015
UpWind Solutions Inc., an operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider for the North American wind energy industry, has entered into a strategic relationship with Denmark-based [read more]
AWS Truepower Makes Upgrades To Openwind
by NAW Staff on Friday October 02 2015
AWS Truepower has upgraded its Openwind wind project design and optimization software. According to AWS, the upgrades enhance time-series energy production simulations - meaning that [read more]
GE Unveils Digital Power Plant Solution With Renewables Application
by NAW Staff on Wednesday September 30 2015
GE has announced Digital Power Plant, a software and hardware solution the company says creates a virtual "digital twin" of an entire industrial power plant [read more]
Moventas Launches Up-Tower Repairs For GE Turbine Fleet
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 29 2015
Moventas has announced new patent-pending, up-tower repair capabilities for GE 1.5 MW wind turbines that the company claims can save wind farm owners downtime and [read more]
Capital Safety Rolls Out New Safety Harness
by NAW Staff on Monday September 28 2015
Bloomington, Minn.-based Capital Safety has launched the DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA, its latest harness. This harness is the first full-body safety harness designed and tested with [read more]
New Senvion Turbine Model Will Be Available In 2018
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 15 2015
Following a spate of introductions of new wind turbines to operate in low-wind conditions, turbine maker Senvion is following suit. According to Senvion, the 3.4M140 [read more]
Vestas Unveils New Addition To 3 MW Turbine Class
by NAW Staff on Monday September 14 2015
Vestas is rolling out the V136-3.45 MW turbine, a new variant in its 3 MW turbine class. According to Vestas, the new machines increase the [read more]
New Moventas Gearbox Passes Testing And Verification, Ready For 2016 Delivery
by NAW Staff on Monday September 14 2015
Moventas says recent testing and verification procedures substantiate that its Exceed high-torque gearbox has exceeded expectations. According to the company, Exceed has a 10% decrease [read more]
Nordex Rolls Out Wind Turbine Designed For Low-Wind Conditions
by NAW Staff on Monday September 14 2015
Nordex has unveiled a new wind turbine specifically designed for Germany's light-wind conditions. According to Nordex, the N131/3300 is a new version of the N131/3000 [read more]
U.K. Engineering Consultancy Unveils New Offshore Wind Blade Designs
by NAW Staff on Wednesday September 09 2015
Engineering consultancy STRUCTeam has launched its new wind turbine blade design portfolio featuring a hybrid glass-carbon composite blade design created for offshore wind turbines. Developed [read more]
Senvion Canada Among Drone Provider's Earliest Customers
by NAW Staff on Wednesday August 26 2015
PRENAV, a technology start-up based in California's Silicon Valley, says it has developed a commercial drone system that provides centimeter-level accuracy for flying close to [read more]
Eaton Introduces VisoVac Fault Interrupter To Support Subsurface Power Distribution Systems
by NAW Staff on Thursday August 20 2015
Power management services provider Eaton unveiled its three-phase submersible fault interrupter for subsurface power and distribution switching applications. Called the VisoVac Fault Interrupter, this technology [read more]
Siemens Rolls Out New 7 MW Gearless Turbine
by NAW Staff on Tuesday August 11 2015
Turbine maker Siemens has increased the generating capacity of its gearless offshore wind turbine to 7 MW - without altering the turbine's essential components. According [read more]
Renewable NRG Systems Redesigns Condition Monitoring System
by NAW Staff on Monday July 27 2015
The TurbinePhD wind turbine condition monitoring system (CMS) from Renewable NRG Systems has been redesigned. According to Renewable NRG Systems, TurbinePhD's automated analysis classifies the [read more]
Firms Roll Out New Wind Sensor
by NAW Staff on Thursday July 16 2015
Diamond Springs, Calif.-based Nor-Cal Controls, in conjunction with Lufft Instruments, is rolling out the WindTalker-1000, a new relay device that allows wind sensors to integrate [read more]
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