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Home Furnishings Retailer IKEA Makes Global Renewables Push
by Joseph Bebon on Tuesday January 28 2014
Big-name companies are increasingly embracing wind power and other sources of renewable energy. Ranked among green investors such as Google and Walmart, home furnishings retailer [read more]
British Columbia Wind Market: Plagued By Uncertainty, Or Ripe With Opportunity?
by Joseph Bebon on Tuesday January 14 2014
With a strong wind resource and long history of domestic renewable energy, British Columbia has a lot of potential, according to Nicholas Heap, the Canadian [read more]
Case Closed: GE Reveals Root Cause Of Recent Blade Failures
by Joseph Bebon on Thursday December 19 2013
Following a thorough investigation, GE says a "spar cap manufacturing anomaly" is to blame for the recent blade breaks at the Orangeville Wind Farm in [read more]
Texas' $7 Billion Transmission Initiative Nears Finish Line
by Joseph Bebon on Tuesday December 10 2013
Texas' Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission build-out, representing billions of dollars in investment and a massive effort to help transport wind power across the [read more]
Do Ontario's Updated Wind Power Plans Come Up Short?
by Joseph Bebon on Tuesday December 03 2013
After seeking public input over the past several months, the Ontario Ministry of Energy has released the province's updated Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). The plan [read more]
Following Another Blade Failure, GE Identifies 'Suspect Population' In Turbine Fleet
by Joseph Bebon on Wednesday November 27 2013
GE has begun investigating another blade break involving its 1.6-100 turbine and 48.7-meter blade, this time at Invenergy's California Ridge wind farm in Illinois. In [read more]
Another GE Turbine Blade Breaks Off, Leading To Further Investigation
by Joseph Bebon on Tuesday November 19 2013
Another blade has broken off of a GE 1.6-100 wind turbine, with this newest incident occurring at Invenergy's Orangeville project in New York. Last week, [read more]
GE Blade Crashes To The Ground At DTE Wind Farm
by Joseph Bebon on Wednesday November 13 2013
Detroit-based utility DTE Energy has ceased work on its 112 MW Echo Wind Park after a blade from a GE 1.6-100 turbine broke off last [read more]
Beyond 2015: Could Michigan Triple Its Renewables Mandate?
by Joseph Bebon on Thursday November 07 2013
Tick tock. The legislative clock is ticking. Five years ago, Michigan established a 10% by 2015 renewable portfolio standard (RPS), but what lies ahead for [read more]
Utilities Across The U.S. Are Cashing In On The Lower Price Of Wind Power
by Joseph Bebon on Thursday October 31 2013
As many expected, newly installed U.S. wind capacity is taking a steep dive this year. However, a just-released report reveals a major success story of [read more]
Southwest Power Pool Grid Keeps Breaking Wind Energy Records
by Joseph Bebon on Wednesday October 16 2013
Regional transmission organization Southwest Power Pool (SPP) reports that its eight-state market recently reached a new wind generation peak, at least its third such record [read more]
Could Renewable Energy Save Utilities Billions?
by Joseph Bebon on Thursday September 26 2013
Incorporating high levels of wind and solar power into the Western Interconnection grid, which includes 13 U.S. states and some parts of Canada and Mexico, [read more]
Xcel Energy's Newest Proposal In Colorado Seeks Less Wind Power Than Before
by Joseph Bebon on Wednesday September 11 2013
In a new filing with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Xcel Energy has lowered how much wind energy it is seeking to add to [read more]
U.S. Army Selects Wind Firms For $7B Renewables Program
by Joseph Bebon on Tuesday September 10 2013
The U.S. Army has chosen 17 wind energy companies to pursue the wind power portion of its $7 billion renewable energy program. Working with the [read more]
Ambitious Developer Plans 1 GW Community Wind Farm In S.D.
by Joseph Bebon on Thursday August 08 2013
South Dakota-based developer Dakota Plains Energy wants to team up with local landowners in Lincoln County to build a community wind farm between 500 MW [read more]
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