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NRDC: Wind Power Continues Domination Of Renewables Growth In U.S.
by NA Windpower on Monday October 12 2015
The U.S.' reliance on wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy has reached historic levels and is poised to make even greater gains in [read more]
Report: More Michigan Wind Energy Could Save Locals Billions Of Dollars
by NAW Staff on Friday October 09 2015
Michigan households and business owners can keep more money in their pockets - and rural Michigan landowners will receive millions of dollars more a year [read more]
GE Reveals Acquisition Of Blade Dynamics
by NAW Staff on Thursday October 08 2015
U.S.-based conglomerate GE has confirmed to NAW that the company acquired U.K.-based Blade Dynamics earlier this week. In a statement, GE calls the deal a [read more]
Onshore Wind Now Cost-Competitive With Fossil-Fueled Sources In Some Markets
by Michael Puttre on Wednesday October 07 2015
New analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) says the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for solar photovoltaic (PV) and onshore wind power technologies is [read more]
AWEA, WEF: Montana Poised For Big Savings From Wind Power
by NA Windpower on Wednesday October 07 2015
Montana households and business owners will increasingly be able to keep more money in their pockets from the state's continued expansion of wind energy resources, [read more]
Provinces Grapple With Climate Change Plans Ahead Of Paris Conference
by Mark Del Franco on Wednesday October 07 2015
Climate change is in the air as many of the wind-friendly provinces are finalizing their plans ahead of the forthcoming 2015 United Nations Climate Change [read more]
CanWEA: Canada Primed For More Wind Power (And Economic Benefits)
by NAW Staff on Tuesday October 06 2015
Earlier this year, Canada became one of only seven nations in the world to surpass 10 GW of wind power capacity, and wind energy's growing [read more]
Nordex Buying Acciona Windpower
by NAW Staff on Monday October 05 2015
German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex SE is acquiring wind industry behemoth Acciona Windpower from Acciona SA, a Spanish renewable energy and infrastructure group, for EUR [read more]
Vancouver Mayor Lends Support To Integrate More Wind Energy
by NAW Staff on Friday October 02 2015
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says he will support efforts to integrate more wind energy into the Western Canadian city. "Our province is blessed with ample [read more]
Not Dead Yet: Cape Wind Refutes Claims Of Its Demise
by Mark Del Franco on Thursday October 01 2015
Reports of Cape Wind's demise are not only greatly exaggerated, but they are also patently false, explains Dennis Duffy, vice president of regulatory affairs for [read more]
Report: U.S., Mexico Winds Continued Below Normal Trend During Q2
by NAW Staff on Thursday October 01 2015
Wind production during the second quarter was below normal across most of the western U.S. and Mexico, according to Albany, N.Y.-based AWS Truepower's quarterly wind [read more]
White House Throws Support Behind Offshore Wind
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 29 2015
On Monday, the White House hosted the Summit on Offshore Wind, a gathering of federal, state and industry stakeholders committed to the long-term and sustainable [read more]
Study: More Wind Energy Would Slash Illinois Electric Bills
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 29 2015
Illinois households and business owners would be able to keep more money in their pockets if the state continues to grow its wind energy resources, [read more]
DOE Report Highlights Offshore Wind Progress
by NAW Staff on Tuesday September 29 2015
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a new report showing strong progress for the U.S. offshore wind market, highlighting industry trends and technology [read more]
BOEM Measures Environmental Effects Of Offshore Wind Turbine Construction
by NAW Staff on Monday September 28 2015
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has begun a new study to conduct real-time, independent observations and data collection during construction of offshore wind [read more]
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