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Sky Climber Wind Solutions, LLC

Sky Climber Wind Solutions, LLC
Construction | Blade Services & Repair | Gearbox Services & Repair | Wind Farm Operations & Maintenance | Pressure Washing

1800 Pittsburgh Drive
Delaware OH 43015
Phone: (740) 203-3978, ext. 3978
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Contact Person: Chad DiFranco

Premiere Wind Turbine Maintenance

Sky Climber Wind Solutions is the industry's premiere provider of specialized wind turbine maintenance services. We specialize in providing highly talented technicians and the most efficient service equipment, where and when you need it.  Contact us for more information at or go online to

Global Reach

Canada- Ontario
USA- Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, Washington, Hawaii

Service Categories

Composites - Cosmetic and structural repair, inspection, preventative maintenance programs, power curve upgrades.
Inspection - End of Warranty, NDT and more.
Torque & Tension
Upgrades & Retrofits
Scheduled & Unscheduled Service
Aerial Platforms - Towers and Blades

Over 170 certified technicians

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