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American Wire Group

American Wire Group
Substations | Wire & Cable | Other Consulting Services

1920 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Ste. PH8
Hallandale FL 33009
Phone: 954-455-3050
Fax: 954-455-9886
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AWG specializes in immediate delivery of cable for renewable energy. Offering a complete line of power cables 35kV for collection systems,  fiber optic cables in duct, bare copper, copper clad steel, overhead bare aluminum t-line conductors (ACSR and AAC), OPGW cables and hardware,  aluminum 2kV RHH RHW-2 cable and copper 2kV DLO cables, substation control cables and flexible tower cables. AWG is proud to offer our patent pending TowerGuard® CCA 2kV type DLO cable which weighs and costs at 35% less than conventional copper DLO cable. AWG is now stocking Tyco and Raychem products.

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