Looking to drive response? Build your brand name? Create awareness for your new product? Here's what these industry leaders have to say about their advertising results with North American Windpower.

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"I just wanted to let you know about the positive response NAW has generated for us and our Squirter DTI's. Our ads get noticed and get attention every time. Each month that we run an ad for our Squirter DTI's we get a couple of phone calls. I am pleasantly surprised by the attention we get by advertising in NAW."

Chris Curven, V.P., Field Bolting Specialist
Applied Bolting Technology

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank North American Windpower for helping Equipment Express expand our client list in regards to the installation and transportation of wind turbine components.... In the past two days alone I have received five calls regarding our services. This is a very attractive way to reach out to potential customers from around the continent. Thanks again and keep up the great work."

Dave Barnett, Project Estimator
Equipment Express Inc.
Ayr, Ontario

"The ad worked too well! ...the demand has now surpassed our available resources!"

Keith Broyles, President
KB Energy Co.
Arlington, WY

"When we decided to advertise, the natural choice was North American Windpower. NAW's dedication to the North American wind energy market makes this publication the wisest choice for US and Canadian based companies. NAW is a publication that reaches out and is read industry wide. Working with a professional and dedicated staff who knows the industry so well meant an ad was created that we were extremely pleased to use and the results have been very positive."

Larry Barr, Vice President of Operations and Maintenance
enXco, inc

"As wind resource analysis experts delivering solutions for wind energy exploration, siting and operations, WindLogics Inc. has been advertising regularly in North American Windpower over the past year. The magazine format, timely news content, and focused audience make this a perfect venue for our advertising campaign. We continue to use NAW to build market awareness, generate new sales leads and announce our news to one of the fastest growing wind markets in the world."

Lee Alnes, Vice President of Marketing
WindLogics Inc.
St. Paul, Minnesota

"NAW is a fresh source of timely information with a welcomed focus on the North American market. The in-depth articles about technical, policy, regulatory and environmental issues are one of the best ways to keep abreast of advancements and nuances for industry sectors that I´m not directly involved with."

Bruce Bailey
AWS Truewind LLC
Albany, New York

"Woodlot Alternatives, Inc. has been pleased with the results of our advertising in North American Windpower thus far. During the past year of our monthly advertising, we´ve received inquiries from all over the United States regarding our services, and the assistance and response from NAW's marketing staff has been prompt and courteous."

George Kendrick, General Manager
Woodlot Alternatives, Inc.
Topsham, Maine

"North American Windpower has a wide readership, timely reporting and in-depth analysis. It provides the best coverage of the North American wind power market of any publication we have seen."

Ed Feo, Managing Partner
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Los Angeles, California

"As a specialized company within the wind energy industry, we consider North American Windpower magazine to be a premium place to advertise our WindPRO software as it is reaches the entire wind power industry in both the U.S. and Canada."

Anders Brask, VP Marketing
Aalborg, Denmark

"Advertising in North American Windpower has really worked for us...we have benefited from the suggestions and innovative ideas from the NAW art department, and are extremely pleased with the advertising department's excellent follow-up and support."

Pierre-Guy Charette, Director, Applications and Development
Groupe Ohmega
Longueuil, Quebec

"As North America's only magazine dedicated to the wind energy industry, there is no other place better suited to reach our target markets of the U.S. and Canada. Within the first few months of advertising, we have developed some new relationships as a direct result of our NAW ad...."

Louis Rigaud, President
Halus Power Systems
San Jose, California

"At Nordic Fiberglass, Inc., we're grateful to have the opportunity to advertise in North American WindPower magazine, as it brings together all the players in the wind industry that we need to reach and allows us to showcase our products specifically designed for this growing industry. It would be very difficult for us to reach these people without North American Windpower magazine."

Greg Myszkowski, Sales Engineer
Nordic Fiberglass, Inc.
Warren, Minnesota

"The monthly magazine North American Wind Power is the largest and most important monthly in North America, and everybody who has anything to do with wind power, in whatever form, reads it to keep up to date with developments and look at advertisements."

Hans Maters,
Thies Clima / Sky Power
Liberty, South Carolina

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